Contextual Sidecar in Obsidian

A plugin to keep helpful stuff available in a sidecar panel.

How I Rang In 2024

A project I’ve been noodling with for the last few years (okay a lot of years) has been reverse engineering the file formats for the game The Summoning. This has led to things like learning kaitai.

Paper Annotation in Obsidian

I’ve started keeping notes on papers in Obsidian and I thought I’d share the workflow, which so far is pretty straightforward and easy to set up. This uses the binary file manager plugin and the annotator plugin.

Recent Fun With yt

I’ve recently been having fun with yt again. Really, though, I’ve been having fun exploring the ways I can use it from different perspectives, and using it to teach myself the library textual.

Project Notes in Obsidian

A quick setup for project notes in Obsidian

Strava in Obsidian

How I import my Strava runs into Obsidian

A Little Bit of Endianness

(Confession time: I did not even realize I was mildly-punning in that title.) Over the last few months, my hobby-time has mostly been focused on some reverse engineering of old DOS games I played as a kid.

yt: Internal and External Ecosystems

I think I’ve talked myself into proposing a big change in yt. I’m not the “boss” of yt, so it might not happen, but I’ve kind of worked up my courage to make a serious suggestion.

Loading data in yt: Can we make it better?

In this blogpost, I walk through the annoying bits about loading unknown data into yt.

Whole Tale: Exploration, Analysis and Reproducibility

What is this Whole Tale thing?
Whole Tale: Exploration, Analysis and Reproducibility