Recent & Upcoming Talks

Links to some recent talks can be found here.


Interpretation, Grammar and Visualization

This talk explores some ideas about how to interpret volumetric data in an AI-focused way.


QMC-HAMM: Quick Research Overview

Brief overview of my interest in the QMC-HAMM project.

A Grammar of Volumetric Analysis

Sam and I talked about our work building a grammar for volumetric analysis. It features some D3js diagrams, which I think I will …

Getting Lost in Community Building

It’s really easy to get lost in community building.

OSHIW: NumFOCUS Sustainability

In this talk, I present a retrospective on the origins and goals of the NumFOCUS software sustainability project I was involved in in …

yt: Hard Questions

What have your experiences been with digital infrastructure development?

Crops-in-Silico Collaboration and Dependencies

This is a brief overview of how we can think about dependencies in the Crops in Silico project, and how we can use that to organize our …

DDD Update

My ‘update’ talk at the Moore Data Driven Discovery Investigator Symposium in April, 2019.

Troubleshooting Data Storytelling

CIRSS Seminar: Open Source in the Teen Years

In this talk, I will reflect on experiences I have had navigating the landscape of open source scholarly software as projects age, and …